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Our vision is a simple one, to be the unsurpassed provider of plumbing services. We pledge to deliver the highest quality at the most competitive price. We realize this vision by demonstrating open, honest, and ethical behavior in all dealings with customers, suppliers, the public and government. Yohe Plumbing Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured. We would like to be your professional residential, service, and commercial plumbing contractor.

Because we care about our customers, our reputation and our image, every member of our team will work in an ethical and socially responsible manner. While our business climate changes rapidly, respecting these ideals will continue to be essential to our long term success.

Yohe Plumbing Inc. is the solution to your residential and commercial plumbing needs. You’ll get quality service at a fair price and hands on customer service. All of our people from the owner to those who wash and stock our trucks are committed to one thing; your satisfaction. We want to be of service to you today.

We specialize in home and commercial
plumbing installation and repairs.

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Helpful Maintenance & Prevention Tips
• Once a month, boil a few gallons of water and carefully pour it down the sink. Boiled water is significantly hotter than tap and it will help dissolve soapy greasy materials that are coating the walls of your pipes.
• Utility Room
Closing and reopening the water faucets that supply the washer each month is a good idea, especially if you have hard water. Otherwise they may bind up and not be able to be closed when needed, or leak at intermediate positions.
• Hot Water Heater
All water heaters should be frequently checked for leaks. It is important to check the pipe connections, the valves and underneath the unit. Simple preventative maintenance will help you avoid lasting damage from a leaking water heater.
Excessive Pressure is the number one cause of water damage in a home, when the city uses less water (in the evening) the water pressure increases, the maximum pressure allowed in any home or business is 80 psi (static pressure). If more than 80 psi enters your home you run a major risk of blowouts or possible premature failing of appliances, faucets or fixtures.
Another Issue that can cause excessive banging in pipes or dripping faucets is thermo expansion. This process happens when a water heater heats the water and the steam has no way of exiting your plumbing system. This can cause excessive pressure to build up inside your system resulting in premature failures to fixtures and appliances throughout your home.
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